We take on the full responsibility of running your company’s accounting function, from dealing with your accounting staff (accounting department), to dealing with your company’s accountant or independent auditors.

We will also work with you to determine your personal, financial and lifestyle goals. That includes taking on the responsibility of monitoring and managing your personal finances and investments.

We develop a strategic business, tax and investment plan and take on the responsibility of overseeing and coordinating your ongoing business and financial affairs.

Our goal is to put you on the right path to:

• Maximize your personal and business cash flows
• Minimize your business and personal tax liability
• Work on a plan to maximize the value of your business
• Develop your business into a prototype so that it is easier to sell
• Maximize the value of your estate and help you with your succession plan

Your time is valuable and at an absolute premium. We save you time by acting as the point of contact for your:

• Accountants
• Bankers
• Lawyers
• Insurance brokers

What else does this accomplish? We speak their language. We also have a vast network of our own trusted advisors to tap into. This will make ensure all of your professional advisors are in tune with your comprehensive strategic plan.

Controllership Functions

• Manage and direct your accounting department and staff
• If you don’t have an accounting department, we will take on the tasks ourselves
• Create detailed budgets and forecasts
• Ongoing monitoring and status report on budgets
• Review of business cash flow, operations, and internal controls
• Formulation of comprehensive compensation strategies
• Banking, finance and debt management
• Personal budget and cash management
• Access to firm’s professional staff and resources

Staff Training
We provide onsite training for management and use of computerized bookkeeping. We have a proven program to train your employees to understand their function and importance in the business model. They will also learn how to perform important responsibilities to maximize your business's profitability.

Appropriate training ensures that processes that we have put in place are properly understood, administered and implemented by staff. Our goal is to put together a series of operations and internal control procedures, then educate your staff as to its importance and purpose within the operations model.

Lunch n’ Learn and other on-site seminars are also available for your employees in the areas of personal tax planning, retirement planning, investment education, debt minimization, budgeting and other topics. The goal of these sessions is to educate and coach your employees in their own personal lives in these subject areas so they can achieve their financial objectives. A satisfied employee translates into a successful business for you.