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Why choose us over other existing advisors?

Perhaps you are satisfied with the service you are getting from your current accountant. Or, you may have no choice but to keep using their services (i.e. audit or review engagements are necessary for banking, investors or shareholders).

• minimize your taxes and maximize your cash flow
• show you how you can create a "self-directed simulated pension plan" with your company's retained earnings
• take steps towards credit-proofing your corporate and personal assets
• put a plan together to build up your retirement income
• help you create a budget for your business and monitor progress towards achieving it
• put together a comprehensive compensation strategy that suits your needs and objectives
• reclaim Employment Insurance premiums that shouldn't have been paid in the first place on employees who are related to you

We can also help you to implement some advanced tax planning ideas which can help but in place other business strategies:

• pay yourself out of the profits of your company and not have to remit CPP premiums (potential to save up to $4,400 per family member)
• have your corporation pay AND get a deduction for medical expenses, while not generating a taxable benefit to you
• set up a true pension plan within your company that works the same way a public or large company pension would
• Employee benefit plans even if you believe your business is not large enough to support traditional plans. A great and necessary way to attract and retain top talent

Why choose us over other existing advisors?
The answer to that question is simple. Because we only have a vested interest in you, not the commissions paid out by financial institutions, brokerages or promoters. We do not promote any type of insurance, investment or tax product which means we DO NOT get paid a commission or finder's fee, or whatever, by ANYONE. We consult with advisors we know and trust to provide us with options to present to you.