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Our Staff

We only work with a small number of companies so that we may provide a highly personalized, and completely customized financial controllership and CFO service.

The companies we are looking for are not large enough to afford to hire a full-time controller, but still require the assistance and benefits of one.

Our goal is to bring disciplined management to your affairs so that you can concentrate your efforts on what you do best. This is the onset of an action plan that ensures you ultimately reap the benefits from years of hard work in your business or profession.

Why choose us?
Independent – We are not affiliated with any financial institution, organization or group of any kind. This will ensure that we are …

Objective – Because we are independent, we do not own our own financial products, do not manage our own mutual fund or work for any insurance company. If we recommend any particular financial products, you can be assured that the advice is ….

Unbiased – We do not get paid any commissions or fees, whatsoever from any financial institution, fund manager, large investment groups, stockbrokers, or promoters of any product. Which ensures that we are

Impartial - We work for you to fine the best financial solution for your objectives, not for our own pocket-books. Our compensation is solely the fees that we arrange with you. Period.

We are professional accountants that are bound by our professional code of ethics and take our responsibility very seriously.

Ian DiNovo, CGA
Ian has been helping small business owners as a professional accountant since 1998. After graduation from the University of Toronto with the Bachelors of Commerce degree in 1997, Ian worked in the accounting department of a large national law firm. In addition he has held senior accounting and audit positions within a large international investment firm within roles focused on the audit and compliance of mutual funds and other securities.
Ian received his CGA designation in 2001 and specializes in small business consulting, accounting and personal income taxes. His focus is on being a trusted business advisor that small business owner-managers can rely on for information, guidance and support.

Gwyn Marcoppido - Manager
Gwyn has been the manager of Ian’s practice and senior aide since 2001. Gwyn worked for a number of years with Prudential Insurance within their compensation and payroll department as a Human Resources professional where she gained vast knowledge of compensation and payroll issues.
Her exceptional organizational skills and small business administration and bookkeeping knowledge are a vital asset not only to the firm, but to our clients as well. Gwyn’s principal role involves keeping the firm’s small business owners on track with their administrative and statutory responsibilities in the areas of payroll, WSIB, GST & PST reporting, and bookkeeping. Gwyn has also taken the H&R Block tax course and has a solid understanding of personal tax matters.