At our firm, we take pride in distinguishing ourselves from other accountants and accounting firms. Small businesses have unique needs that we feel are not always addressed by some of the bigger firms.

Have you ever been lost in the shuffle with your current accountant? Does it take days for your questions to be answered? Or, do you not deal with a professional accountant because you think the costs are too exorbitant?

Our clients are not just “client numbers” in a large pool of clients. We build relationships with each of our clients individually. Our open door policy guarantees that you won’t be sent a bill for phone calls, visits or enquiries in the normal course of running your business. You enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your questions will be answered and problems taken care of when you need them to be.

Make us a part of your business team.


Our focus is on your business. We have move away from the annual personal taxes so we can focus on your business. Did you know that with the help of a small business accounting firm, businesses have a better knowledge of where there cash flow is going, earn more profits and curb losses that were incurred during the financial year.

Understand in most cases with the help of small business accounting firm you can actually take your business to a higher level.
If you are looking for the company that can handle your accounts well and maximizes your profits too or would just like to know how we could help you please contact us.